How to Check SSS Contribution Inquiry


Members of the Social Security System may have access to the SSS Contribution Inquiry in a completely online manner.

This is a service available for those who use the online platform.

Upon prior registration, any member (employee and employer) can access.

For more information on contributions, click How SSS Contribution Works and check out!

The fact is that because you do not need to address a SSS branch, the member may use a computer, tablet, mobile phone or any device with Internet access to check your SSS online inquiry.

To learn how this is possible, read below:


View Your SSS Contribution Inquiry

The new SSS website provides a new online access system to members.

By following the instructions below, you can check your monthly contributions whenever you need it or want it.

In addition, you save a lot of time and resources, because you don’t have to go to a branch every month to check if your contributions are being paid properly:

How to Check SSS Contribution Inquiry Online

If you have not yet SS online registration, you must register beforehand before you can access it and view your SSS inquiry.

If you already have it, simply log in to the SSS online application with your Access data.

When you access the System main page, click the “E-services” option.

Then click on the “Inquiry” option. You will have access to your contribution statement and you can save the file or print it.

What is SSS Contribution

Employers and private sector employees are covered by the Social security system.

It is a state-run program, but it benefits employees who do not work in the public sector.

In this way, employers must pay a monthly fee representing 11% of their employee’s salary, so that this value is divided between them.

In addition, self-employed, anglers, autonomous farmers, and volunteer contributors may also have access to the Social Security System.

Generally, the contribution rates undergo annual readjustments.

The SSS contribution table 2018 has undergone readjustments for the year 2019.

SSS Contribution Table 2019

Employers and employees covered by the SSS can check out the new rate table.

The SSS Contribution Table is already available and is already valid for the year 2019.

To access it, members can enter the Philpad website and view rates for all categories.

However, members will only be able to access the Social security system online inquiry directly from the SSS Website.


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