All You Need to Know About SSS Contribution


The Social Security System is the Philippines program for private sector workers who work autonomously. In this way, the SSS Contribution is regulated by the rates defined by the program.

The workers have the benefit of accessing their accounts in a completely virtual way.

To learn how this is possible, click How to Make SSS Online Registration and check it!

The value of the contribution obeys the standards of the SSS contribution table.

To know the contribution percentages defined by employees, as well as the SSS voluntary contribution, follow below:


What is SSS Contribution

Practically all workers who provide service in the private sector contribute to the SSS.

However, many people don’t understand right how they work or even know what their rights are.

This is an insurance program administered by the Government of the Philippines.

The aim of the program is to cover all private sector workers, self-employees and those who voluntarily contribute.

For the taxpayer of the program, part of his salary is destined for this fund, and therefore is the SSS payment.

Where To Pay SSS Contribution

The taxpayers of the Security program have an extensive list of locations able to receive payments of contributions.

This way, everyone can find near places to make their payments.

Check out a list of the places that receive the contribution:

  • Asia United Bank
  • CIS Bayad Center, Inc.
  • Bank of Commerce
  • G-Xchange, Inc.
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Security Bank Corp.
  • Ventaja International, Inc.
  • Union Bank of the Philippines
  • I-Remit, Inc.
  • Philippine Business Bank
  • Pinoy Express Hatid Padala Services, Inc.
  • PNB Savings Bank
  • Sky Freight Forwarders, Inc

SSS Hotline

Social Security provides some contact phones for taxpayers who want to take questions. Check it:

  • SSS trunkline Number: (632) 920-6401
  • SSS Call Center Numbers: 920-6446 to 55 SSS
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-800-10-2255777.

SSS Contribution for Self-Employed

Self-employed taxpayers also follow a contribution schedule.

The calculation depending on the 10th of the SE/VM SS number.

The payment interval for members who voluntarily contribute and for self-employee may be monthly or quarterly.

A Quarter covers three calendar months ending on the last day of the months March, June, September and December.

To access the PhilHealth Contribution Table, simply access the SSS website and check the values for each category.

Like the PhilHealth Contribution Table 2018, the value is set to the salary of each one.


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