How to Update SSS Information Online


Many SSS members at some point need to change their data. To learn how to update SSS information online, it is necessary to consider some factors previously.

The first is that it is not possible to make the cadastral changes of a member at once.

To do this, you need to fill out an E4 form and submit it to some SSS branch.

However, if you still have no online registration and want to know how to access the platform, click on How to Make SSS Login and check the instructions.

However, if you want to get information about how to change your registration data, read below:


How to Update SSS Information Online

The first step to change your registration data in the system is to populate the member data change request.

This is the E-4 form that members have access directly on the website SSS.

It is necessary to fill it with the information duly updated and submit to a SSS branch.

Therefore, you must submit all necessary documentation.

At the end of the form there is a list of documentation that you must submit according to the type of change.

For example, if you are changing or correcting information about your first or last name, you must submit a copy and photocopying of your birth certificate or passport, and so on.

General Instruction

See below for instructions that you must follow to update your information.

  • Fill out the form in two copies and send it to the SSS branch closest to you.
  • Do not forget to send along the documentation; Indicate N/A or not applicable for fields that do not apply to changes;
  • Present original copy and submit photocopy of ID cards;
  • The remainder of the form must be completed according to the need for cadastral change. This information you can check on the final pages of the E-4 form in an explanatory and simple way.

SSS Hotline

The Social Security Number provides members with several phone numbers that can be useful on many occasions.

Check out the main phones below:

  • SSS Trunkline Number: (632) 920-6401;
  • Call Center Numbers: 920-6446 to 55;
  • SSS Toll-Free Number: 1-800-10-2255777;

Interactive Voice Response Hotlines

  • Metro Manila: 917-7777;
  • Zamboanga: 992-2014;
  • Naga: 472-9795 and 472-8842;
  • Cebu: 234-2053;
  • Davao: 227-7273;
  • Baguio: 446-5902;
  • Tarlac: 982-8739;
  • San Pablo: 562-9289.


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