SSS Login – How to Access Your Account


To make SSS login is very simple! Members benefited by the Social Security System may have access to the digital platform that gives access to various services.

You can even check your contribution in a virtual way!

To learn how, click SSS Contribution and check the instructions.

In addition, the system allows members to use the E-payment service, in addition to obtaining various information such as management Directory and even SSS Quality management system Certificate.

However, to use the system is necessary to register on the virtual platform.

If you have not yet registered, you may request your access on the website.

To learn how to make SSS online login, read below:


SSS Login for Members

As is known, SSS is a social security program for private sector workers, autonomous and volunteer contributors.

In this way, both workers and employers can access the system.

If you are a contributing employee, you have to make SSS member login.

Follow the instructions below to access your account:

    • Access the official website of the Social Security System;
    • On the main page will appear an Access box to enter My.SSS;
    • Fill in your registered data (if you have not already registered, you must register first);
    • Click Submit If your data is correct, you will have access to the portal and all available services!

Login for Employer

Just as employees can access SSS member login, employers have access to MySSS online platform.

To access my.SSS account being an employer is simple as well as being an employee. Check:

  • Access the official website SSS;
  • In the Login access box, click on the “Employer Login” tab;
  • Enter your previously registered User ID and PIN;
  • Click “Submit“;
  • If the data is correct, you have access to the system and all services.

However, if you do not have a prior registration in the system, you must click to register your user data in order to use the platform.

What is MySSS

MySSS is a site intended for taxpayers of the Social Security System.

Through this site, members can access their contributions, tables, as well as obtain information and apply for SSS number.

In addition, if you are receiving some benefit provided by SSS, you can consult them directly through the website.

Which Benefits Can I Access by MySSS?

All types of benefits that SSS supports are available in the online portal. In this way, you can check it by yourself!

You can check each of them, as well as their terms and conditions for the taxpayer to receive it.

In addition, if you receive any of the aforementioned benefits, you can check directly into your account on the website if it is available.

Check out the social benefits that taxpayers have access:

  • Sickness Benefit;
  • Maternity Benefit;
  • Disability Benefit;
  • Retirement Benefit;
  • Death Benefit;
  • Funeral Benefit.


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