What is SSS Online Payment


Members who use the Social Security System have access to a huge variety of benefits. One of the main is the SSS Online Payment.

Currently, all OFW’s can utilize this mechanism and pay their contributions by SSS e-Services!

To learn more about contributions, click SSS Contribution and check out!

In addition to OFW’s, self-employed and volunteer members can use the tool.

Moreover, of course, of the private sector employees themselves!

To learn more about this and get more information, read below:


What is SSS Online Payment

By using the SSS online application, members will be able to pay their contributions in a completely online manner.

Two convenient platforms accept the SSS Contribution online payment.

One of the means of payment you can use is UnionBank.

It is a partner between the Aboitiz Group, insular Life and Social Security System.

BancNet is a platform that gathers several banks.

This platform allows the taxpayer to make his payments securely, using his ATM BancNet card.

Where to Pay SSS Contribution

See below a list of the banking and SSS payment center that receive the monthly contributions of SSS:

  • CIS Bayad Center, Inc.;
  • Pinoy Express Hatid Padala Services, Inc.;
  • PNB Savings Bank;
  • Sky Freight Forwarders, Inc.;
  • Bank of Commerce;
  • G-Xchange, Inc.;
  • Wealth Development Bank, Inc.;
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands;
  • I-Remit, Inc.;
  • Philippine Business Bank;
  • Union Bank of the Philippines;
  • Security Bank Corp.;
  • Asia United Bank;
  • Ventaja International, Inc.

How to Pay SSS Online

By BancNet, it is much easier to fast and secure pay your monthly contributions. If you still don’t know how to use it, follow the instructions:

  • Access the BancNet website and access your account (if you do not have one, you have to register);
  • Click on any of the participating BancNet member banks;
  • You may also access directly your account > click “I Agree” on the terms;
  • Click on “Payments” option;
  • Select your preferred institution – SSS;
  • Enter your 10 digit SSS Number + 6 digits containing the month and year;
  • Type your ATM card;
  • Type amount you have to pay;
  • Enter your ATM PIN on the onscreen keypad;
  • So, click “Submit”.

Why Pay SSS

Paying Social Security through the SSS Payment form is important for employees of private companies, autonomous workers and volunteer contributors.

Many are the benefits that members have access.

Support in situations of sickness, maternity, retirement, funeral are just some of the situations that the SSS about.

In addition, many people resort to SSS as a form of financial complement during retirement.

In this way, the pension obtained by the SSS can be an excellent option to increase the salary received by the elderly.


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