SSS Online Registration for New Members


If you have become a member SSS for a short time, it is important to perform SSS Online Registration for New Members.

This way, you may have access to a variety of services that are made available in a virtual way.

For example, you can check your extract of contributions, available benefits, forward documentation to enter multiple orders, and more!

Another great facility to use the website is to be able to pay your contributions online.

To learn how this is possible, click How to Make SSS Payment and learn!

However, if you do not already have an account and want to create one, follow below:


SSS Online Registration For New Members

Follow the instructions below to access MYSSS and register your account.

Only in this way can you enjoy the facilities of the online platform.

    • Access the SSS Website;
    • Below the “Not yet registered in My.SSS?” Field click on “Click here”;
    • Choose the type of identification you want to use and proceed;
    • Fill in the SSS registration form with all the information;
    • Check your e-mail. When you receive a confirmation email, open it and click on the activation link (the link is valid for 5 days, try not to exceed this date, otherwise you should start your process again);
    • After completing the procedure, you can access the MYSSS portal whenever you need it or want it.

How to Get SSS Application Form

If you are not a member of the Social Security System, one of the requirements is to fill out a form.

The SSS E1 form is required for all people who are trying to get a Social Security Number.

Users can find the form directly on the website ready for printing and filling.

After getting your SSS number, you can check out SSS online inquiry, benefits and more!

How to Apply for SSS

Check below the list of what you need to do to become a SSS member:

    • E-1 Form and Required Documents (baptismal Certificate; Driver’s license; Passport Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and many other identification options that you can check directly on the website);
    • Needed Document to Submit an E-6 Form;
    • Obtain an ID Clearance (small paper that will indicate your schedule for ID capture);
    • Your SSS ID Card will be emailed to you and you should print it to use whenever you need it!

Who Can Register on MySSS

Below is the list of people who register an SSS account:

  • Employers;
  • Employees with SSS coverage;
  • Self-employed or voluntary members of SSS;
  • Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs);
  • Unemployed spouses with at least one month posted SSS contribution.


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