How to Get SSS Online Registration Form


The Social Security System is a program to which private sector employees, autonomous and volunteer members have access. To access the online platform, you must complete a SSS online registration form.

Such form is available on the website for those who need to obtain it.

In addition, you can have access to the SSS online application in various services.

However, if you already have the forms and need to know how to register on the system, click How to Make SSS Login.

However, for more information on SSS Online registration e1, read below:


What is SSS Online Registration Form

The SSS E1 form is the most important for obtaining the SS Number.

A document must be fully completed and submitted with the necessary documentation.

In this way, the first step to ensure your SS number is to fill the SS E1 form.

Several are the information you should fill out.

In addition to personal data, it is necessary to indicate the beneficiaries you want to contemplate as relatives or close people.

Where Can I Find SSS e1 Form

The form can be found easily on the website SSS itself.

After your completion, you must submit it to a SSS branch to effective the SSS online registration for new members.

In addition, during the process you can still obtain information such as the required documentation, copies that must be submitted for registration and more.

After completing your registration, you can using the portal MySSS and make SSS login.

This way, you will have access to all services online.

SSS Requirements

See below the Lisa of what is needed to register in the SSS and what to do.

  • SSS E1 Form;
  • Birth Certificate (original and photocopy);
  • Valid IDs or any between the list of documents (It must be original and photocopy);
  • E-mail address.

How to Get SSS Number

See, now, what you need to do to become a SSS member:

Fill in your personal data on the aforementioned SSS E1 form.

It’s important that you don’t forget any fields. You can get the form directly on the SSS branch or on the portal itself, as taught above.

Submit the form with your information and all the necessary documentation.

You can check the list of documents directly on the SSS website.

If everything happens correctly, you can get your SSS Number.

This number is personal and non-transferable.

This way, it is imperative to keep it safe for when you need to use it.


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