Check it Out How to Make SSS Online Registration


The Social Security System is a social security program that serves private and autonomous workers, supporting social benefits in various situations.

With the SSS Online Registration, the employees can access their account through the computer or mobile.

To junderstand how SSS works, click on Social Security System and check out!

Maternity, funerals, diseases and deaths are some situations that social security answers.

One of the great facilities to which Members have access, is the SSS registration online.

To learn how to access the SSS online application, follow below:


How to Make SSS Online Registration

To access the SSS e-services, the first step is to register on the online platform of the program.

To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Access the SSS website and go to the registration page;
  • The website will present 5 options, among which you should choose one that you’ve previously registered in SSS;
  • Fill in the SSS online application form with your SSS number and other requested information.
  • It is important to complete all of them so that the registration is effective;
  • You will receive an e-mail. When you receive it, click on the link indicated to activate your account.

How to Check SSS Contribution Online

One of the great advantages made available to taxpayers who use SSS online, is the possibility to consult their contributions in a virtual way!

To learn how, follow the instructions:

  • Access the official SSS website;
  • Log in to the system with your user data, as taught above;
  • When entering the system, click on the “Online Inquiry” option.
  • After this procedure, you will be redirected to the SSS Employee Static info.

This service is only available online, those who make SSS online registration for new members.

What is My SSS?

My SSS is an online access platform designed for workers covered by the Social Security System.

In this way, the private sector and the autonomous workers are benefited by the virtual system.

The website provides all the necessary security for access to this nature to be made with all the necessary convenience.

If you fit the user profile, you can access it through laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets with an Internet connection.

The website works every day and you can access it at any time.

SSS Registration Online Benefits

The contributor, who has access to the online use of SSS, can use the digital platform to:

  • Access to the posted contributions;
  • Make online transactions;
  • View, save, or print membership records;
  • Schedule appointments with an SSS branch;
  • Access information about your SSS benefit claims;
  • Send messages, take questions, report complaints etc.


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