SSS Sickness Benefit – How to Receive it


SSS Sickness Benefit is a payment to which members of the Social Security System have access.

Thus, when the member has been paying his contributions regularly, in specific cases of disease.

So, the SSS covers monthly with specific values that are determined by Social Security itself.

Thus, to receive the benefit, it is necessary that the member fill out a form.

In addition, you have to provide the documentation in order to prove the condition of the patient.

All this data is available on the SSS website.

If you do not know how to access the online platform, click on How to Make SSS Login and check!

However, to learn how to request the SSS benefits for sickness, see below:


Qualifying Conditions to Receive SSS Sickness Benefit

Check the general conditions that apply so that a SSS member can receive the sickness benefit:

  • Inability to work for reasons of illness that are in the process of treatment in hospitals or at home for at least 4 days;
  • Already exhausted sick leave with pay of the current company in which it works;
  • You sent your SSS sickness notification to the current employer as to the condition of his illness;
  • Paid at least 3 months of contribution in the last 12 months.

Where Can the Member Apply for Sickness Benefit?

Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application (for Employed members) and Sickness Benefit Application can be filed in any SSS branch.

You simply present the SSS sickness notification form (which you find on the SSS website itself) along with the necessary evidentiary documentation.

Documentary Requirements for Employers and Employees

In order for the SSS to reimburse the sickness allowance, it is necessary to file the application together with the necessary documentation.

See below for the complete list of original documentation that the member needs to submit with SSS sickness reimbursement form.

  • Member or Filer’s SS card or other valid IDs/documents;
  • Duly accomplished Sickness Benefit Reimbursement Application (SBRA);
  • Copy of page of Employer’s Logbook (manual logbook or electronic filing) for approved EC claim;
  • Approved Sickness Notification (SN) or Certificate of Medical Approval issued by the SSS Medical Evaluation Section.

Required Documentation for VM-SE

  • Duly accomplished Sickness Benefit Application (SBA);
  • Present original of any one of the primary ID cards/documents or two (2) secondary ID cards/documents, with signature and one with photo.If filed by Member’s Representative, present the following:
  • In case of prolonged confinements or sickness, original/certified true copy of the following:
  • Operating clinical records;
  • Laboratory, X-ray, ECG and other diagnostic.


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