How to Get Your SSS Static Information


Since the new SSS website has been launched, consumers can enjoy services much faster and more securely. Members can print their own SSS static information, as well as work history.

For this, it is necessary to be registered on the digital platform.

If you are not yet, click on how to SSS Online Registration and check it out!

However, currently, for information on how to print SSS static information, you can obtain it online.

Getting static information is very simple and requires almost no effort, since you don’t even need to leave home for it.

To do this, simply hold the MYSSS account and follow the instructions below:


What is SSS Static Information

SSS Static Information relies on personal data and employment of SSS members.

Such information is composed of the SSS number, the full name of the member, the date of birth and the date of adherence to social security.

To accomplish obtaining your SSS employee static information so that you can print and use when you need it, follow the instructions below:

How to Get SSS Static Information

The first step in obtaining your SSS static report is to have access to the online platform of My Security System.

If you already have, check out the Walkthrough:

  • Access MySSS and log in to the system;
  • After you login as a member, you will have access to the online portal; In the left part of the page, click Online Inquiry;
  • After you make your static information it will appear in a window that you will be able to print, stating all the details of the member.

Check Your SSS Employment History

In some situations, many people need to rely on evidentiary documents for various purposes. If you are a SSS member, you can get your employment history online.

To do this, simply access the online platform and print the document.

Check out the walkthrough for this:

  • Log in to mysss; Access the “E-services” option;
  • Click on the Inquiry option and then you will have access to your static information;
  • Under the “Member Info” tab, click on “Employment History”;
  • You will have access to your history and you can save the file or print if you need to present the document for preflight purposes.

How to Print Member Info

There is also another way to prove your data while SSS member.

In addition to printing your history of employment and static information, you can query and print your member info.

To do this, you must follow the same instructions taught above.

However, under the “Member Info” tab, you must click on “member Details”.

After this process you can save and print.


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